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Plastic POP displays or Point of Purchase Displays are a cost effective and highly targeted marketing strategy. There are many forms of plastic POP displays. Counter displays, floor, inline and endcap displays. When used effectively, plastic POP displays attract the customers attention, dramtically increase sales of your product and increase your brand recognition.


Plastic Displays

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Use plastic displays to maximize your sales and marketing. Businesses use plastic pop displays or point-of-purchase displays to increase sales and visibility of their products. Pop displays are colorful interesting displays used to advertise brands or products. The are generally found in the counter area or on the ends of aisles.

Plastic pop displays can have many advantages over using display cases made from other materials. The most common used materials are acrylic, styrene, expanded pvc and petg. These plastics offer many advantages over other types of materials. They are light weight and durable, easily printed on, economical and look great. They can be custom fabricated into all imaginable ways. There are many custom plastic display manufacturers out there. Always go with a reputable, stable company that has been in business for many years. Professional plastic fabrication is not for beginners or someone working out of their garage. Don’t be shy to ask to see some of their work. Great plastic display manufacturers will be happy to show you their latest and greatest work.